Garden Decor Statues

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Garden decor statues can turn any yard from something bland into a spectacular sigh. When you use a garden statue, it helps bring a unique character and charm to the typical backyard. Unlike plants that are common in areas, many statues can be varied in price and on average no two yards in a neighborhood will share the same one.

Think about your yard for a moment. Perhaps you have spent hours planting the perfect spray of flowers and shrubs. But if there is something still missing, these garden decor statues will help finish the final product. In fact, many people would stand behind the claim that a garden statue will give a classier feeling to a yard.

There are a variety of styles you can get your statue in. This would include marble, plaster, resin and even ceramic. Each of the different types can create an interesting focal point in your back yard. Depending on the theme you are going for, they can stand out and deliver impressive results.

For example, if you have ivy and vines in an upscale background, adding a marble garden statue will have an old fashioned elegant look to it. You can wrap the vines around it, and this could be the perfect setting for a garden party. You could imagine the number of compliments you would receive.

Style also plays a very important part in garden decor statues as well. There is old world, modern, and abstract art that you can choose from. An old world option would be like the roman statues you often see in pictures. They would have the look of Michelangelo’s David.

The modern garden statue can be a variety of things. Sometimes they may be a patron saint for the backyard, or a small animal statue you place beneath a tree. They add a uniqueness to your yard that brings level of peace.

In comparison you find the abstract art that is becoming more modern. These are simple shapes and colors that create some of the more interesting garden decor statues. In some cases, a piece can be made with metal and ceramic, or just metal by itself. Some abstract artists are even able to take pieces you like and combine them from an impressive look.

Whichever of these you end up going with make sure they continue the theme of your yard. While in some cases, a modern piece would look good, an old world option might be fantastic. Use them as a focal point for the center of your yard and have the garden around it become one of the most amazing backyards in your neighborhood.