Creative Uses With Garden Decor

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In my book, gardening has long been one of the simple and rewarding pleasures of life. Many of us dedicate hours of planning, designing, weeding and planting, turning the yard into our sanctuary. Garden decor not only sets the tone but can turn the ordinary garden into that enchanting world you create.

When it comes to making your garden uniquely your own, one of the quickest ways to accomplish this is by using different elements to create a one of a kind garden scheme. To help you come up with something that lets your own personality shine, here are some thoughts to consider.

What are your hobbies or interest? Maybe you are drawn to country. You can bring that feel into your garden by finding metal implements or objects. Place them at strategic points around the yard. What about an old milk jug, it can become a wonderful plant stand adding vertical height and color. Or the watering can, wouldn’t it make an awesome planter! A weather vane would be a great support for your flowering vine. Metal wheelbarrows or wagons become art when placed in the flower bed.

Does your idea of a garden include color? Create your theme on a foundation of colorful shrubs, they can provide burst of color making a perimeter of a room. Place colored fairy lights in the bushes. Designated areas for sitting and eating would be a great spot to use colorful furniture or outdoor rugs. Large planters can be used to create “rooms” and very easy to fill with continuous blooming color. This theme will look cheerful and festive.

So you lean towards the functional, your garden decor can include furniture like tables and chairs to complement your outdoor design. Stone walkways connecting different areas would be functional and creative. You can create a romantic and serene space by placing lanterns and torches around the created area. Not only creating a little romance but evening lighting.

Maybe you like the classic look, such as giving your space the feel of an English cottage garden. This look can be obtained by the choice of flowers you select to plant, like roses and foxglove. Next step, a path or two that meander through your garden beds. Don’t forget to place a bench here and gazing ball there just off the path. This style of garden decor will create an ideal space to sit and relax while you enjoy the flowers!

Planning your garden decor is not difficult. There is no excuse for a dull and boring garden. Let your personality shine through! Let you imagination go and you will have created that charming, enchanting garden that is perfect for you!